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As you may have seen on various television news sources in New Zealand this week (TV1 News, TV3 News, Nightline and Flipside), Pine have been hanging in New York and Europe working on suntans, videoing sausages (Stephen) and inspecting Italian sewers (Hannah and Aaron) - and while they were at it they hit the stage for five killer shows. The biggest of these were the Summerstage in Central park with King Kapisi, Greg Johnson and Wai. Apparently it was the first break in the weather after some weeks of rain, and it sure looked nice on the telly. 

The two music industry type things were at Cargo in London with Rubicon and at Piano Bar in New York with the other Summerstage performers. Both were well attended by the sort of people who should be there, reports (not from the band either) were that in New York they pulled one out the bag and they even had the hardest core 'arms-folded-no-applause' music industry folk whooping it up in the isles. 

In-between the band played two gigs in one night taxiing across town between the legendary CBGBs and a very nice bar/art gallery called ISSUE. Nice one. 

A big thanks to all the good folk who helped organise and/or fund the Summerstage stuff.