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The video premiered in the US at SPIN Magazine, who described the video as follows:

"Apparently taking a cue from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, our young heroes appear as tiny weirdos in a neon-dipped dollhouse, accompanied by creepily masked dancers-as-anime-characters (word to Le1f). Indira eventually becomes some sort of kawaii princess, and Marr appears as the lost male member of Sailor Moon's crew. Awesome. As for the song, it strikes a gauzy balance between the gothy inclinations of fellow Kiwi Lorde, the noirish husk of Portishead, and the curious mood-making of cloud-rap. Compare to or call it whatever you want — Doprah have got their own wild thing going on, and Ms. Force is aptly named." - SPIN

Doprah released their debut EP on Arch Hill Recordings on June 6th.

The video video for 'Stranger People' created directorial duo Thunderlips from local outfit Candlelit Pictures...full credits on the video youtube page.

Watch the video here


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New Zealand's Doprah are excited to reveal the video for their single "Whatever You Want."  It premiered via website Under The Radar (The USA version), "'s a dozy. Dirt, sweat, and water-to say nothing of some understated but seriously dark electro pop. Whatever you're doing down there in New Zealand, it's clearly going according to plan."  Watch "Whatever You Want" here:

The band's debut self-titled EP was just released on June 10 via Arch Hill.   They recently climbed into the top 50 at Hype Machine and are currently featured on the homepage of BandCamp in the "New and Noteworthy" section. 

Pigeons and Planes have called Doprah's music "beautifully understated."  The band's previous single, "Love That I Need," premiered via Baeble who called it "blissed out" and went on to say "('Love That I Need') is guaranteed to take you on a dynamic aural adventure. Between the childlike female vocals blended with the synth-laden instrumentals ... it manages to deliver a sense of originality and complexity."  Indie Shuffle also writing about the track said, "Doprah creates some pretty awesome tunes, with latest single 'Love That I Need' no exception.The slinking opening bassline gives way delicate percussion and an eerie synth presence, while Indira Force's child-like vocals propel the song into Bjork territory."

In New Zealand their debut EP went to number 28 in the Album Charts and number 4 in the New Zealand Album Charts.