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Ghost Wave have a new video for their new track "Who's Doin' The Talkin'"...made by Carl Naus and the band. Think late 1960s oil lamp slightly delica.

The band have the following to say about the video

"About a month ago we did a video for our song Who's Doin' The Talkin'. We wanted to try and produce a video on our own and with a little bit of help from our friend Carl we did it.  This is the video I feel like we’d been trying to make for a while but for some reason we didn’t think to do our own videos (even though we had done in the past).  We used a few different cameras and projectors and spent half a day shooting in the studio.  The idea was to go for a sonic jam/flower sort of feel.  I wouldn’t say we are big on dancing as a day to day thing (maybe some more than others), but it was fun to make the video and let it take us where it was going to."

Check it here