Arch Hill Recordings is a New Zealand indie record label...


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Way impressive is the consistency of the music across so many different artists. Arch Hill has found it\'s niche by digging out mostly dreamy, atmospheric oddball pop music and bringing it to a wider audience. It's not often that a label is able to define itself by one type of music these days" - Marty Duda: Real Groove

"further proof of this wee label's pedigree and more than reason enough to sit up and listen" - Anthony Smith: Staple Magazine

"Everything here is highly melodic and generally excellent"**** - Dan Morrow: Rip It Up

"The whole album sounds a worthwhile and cohesive affair" - Russell Baillie: NZ Herald

"The Hill Is Alive demands a listen from anyone interested in original, clever pop from a range of great Kiwi artists. 8/10" James Dann - The Critic'