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Red Drum, Fang and Gasoline Cowboy all have videos in their finishing stages. The Red Drum video is for the track (recorded at Arch Hill studios) called 'No Cross in the Crossroads'. Last week it was Number Two on the bFM top 10 - so if you want to try to propel it to the top head for voting closes 6pm on Wednesday. Red Drum is Jeremy Eade from Garageland's new band. 

The Fang video was directed by Richard Bell (whose credits include U2, Beck and Nirvana) for a new single 'I Just Can't Help It' - which has also been hanging around the b-net ALT radio play-top ten for the last few weeks. Richard Bell also shot the video for Gasoline Cowboy's 'I Hear You Call My Name' which is on 'The Hill is Alive' Arch Hill compilation. We'll let you know when they are up on the air.