Arch Hill Recordings is a New Zealand indie record label...

                About Arch Hill Recordings


Arch Hill Recordings, the record label, was born out of a studio called Arch Hill Studios, based on Auckland New Zealand's Great North Rd. In late 1998 a bunch of musicians who had all had previous connections with one another were all recording at the studio. Those ensconced in projects at Arch Hill Studios included Dave Mulcahy (previously in bands the Jean Paul Sartre Experience and Superette), Ben Howe and Greta Anderson (also previously in Superette) and Jim Laing (previously in the Jean Paul Sartre Experience). This resulted in the first Arch Hill release by David Mulcahy in 1999, followed the next year by Lanky and Fang

The first band to join the label from outside this circle of friends was Christchurch band Pine, followed by Wellington's Ghostplane....from there things really got going and in the last five years we have released albums by icons such as David KilgourDon McGlashanThe Clean, The Bats and Luke Buda, as well as up and coming artists like Surf CityStreet ChantGhost WaveFamily Cactus, Tiny Ruins, Doprah and others. Many of these artists have had releases and touring in foreign territories, particularly in the US and Australia. 

These days the studio is mostly just used for bands on the label and a few mastering/editing jobs for a handful of clients, and is not hired out to bands.

In 2006 Arch Hill also started working with international bands through the touring company Mystery Girl Presents and we are now also proud to be a partner in St Jerome's Laneway Festival in Auckland.

We also work closely with Flying Nun Records and Flying Out

Ben Howe, who runs Arch Hill, also has a personal website (photos, ideas etc) at

If you are wanting to send a demos we prefer a soundcloud, youtube or other streaming style links. We try to listen to everything but we don't have the resources to respond to all submissions, questions or enquiries. Please do NOT send mp3's, downloads or post CDs. Email links to ben at archhill dot co dot nz.